Machinery Switchgear Tester


Key features

  • Extremely easy operation by using rotary switches, touch screen or classic buttons and “START/STOP” button to select and run appropriate measurement standard and measurement function. Test limit values and parameters will be defined automatically
  • AUTO-TEST mode, automatic test sequence, customer-created test plans for machine and low-voltage switchgear testing and factory-programmed and customer-created AUTO-TESTS for PAT testing, PRCDs, mains cord and EV charging cables
  • HELP menu (connection, measuring/display ranges, compensation of test leads if actual) available in each measurement
  • Fully compatible with “SW-MST-204” PC software to create test reports
  • Graphic 4.3-inch, 480 × 272 pixels, full colour TFT LCD with touch screen for measurement values, limit values and test parameters
  • Internal memory for 30.000 locations (tree memory structure, 4 levels)
  • Integrated interface (USB 2.0) for transfer of measurement results to PC
  • Additional four interfaces (USB 2.0) for connection of optional USB barcode scanner, USB keyboard and USB memory stick, all working in parallel
  • Compact plastic housing with removable case cover
  • Separate soft accessory bag for test leads and accessories
  • Connection diagrams inside the case cover
  • Limit values adjustable through measuring range in all functions
  • Visual and acoustic warnings in case of exceeded limit value
  • Adjustable acoustic signal intensity
  • Real time clock for documentation of test results
  • Timer-limited and continuous measurements
  • Adjustable measurement times in timer-limited measurement
  • Commander with START/STOP, SAVE and ENTER keys for very handy operations
  • Two selectable display languages and two external keyboards supported (English and German)
  • Possible assembly into 19-inch Rack Panel, 19-inch rack mount adapter available

Measuring functions

  • Visual Inspection
  • Protective Bonding Resistance (2-wire, 4-wire) (0.2A, 10A, 25A)
  • Prospective fault loop current, Loop impedance ZL/PE
  • Prospective fault loop current (RCD no trip)
  • Prospective fault loop current (MPCB no trip)
  • Prospective short-circuit current, Line impedance, ZL/N, ZL/L
  • Prospective short-circuit current (MPCB no trip)
  • Prospective short-circuit current (Secundary AC/DC)
  • Voltage Drop
  • RCD testing (Trip time, Trip current, Uc, AUTO)
  • IMD testing
  • RCM testing
  • Insulation resistance (UTEST 50V…1000V, ramp test)
  • HV AC, voltage programmable 250V … 5100 V
  • Residual voltage
  • Residual time
  • Clamp load current and THD
  • Clamp leakage current
  • Touch current
  • Voltage and THD
  • Power via external clamp (S, P, Q, PF, cos j)
  • Phase rotation
  • Voltage PELV
  • Voltage SELV
  • Voltage CONTROL
  • Voltage DC Supply
  • Documentation and Functional Tests


Filename Date Size
MST-204 Product brochure 2024-03-14 6 MB Download
SW MST-204 User manual 2024-03-19 434 KB Download
MST-204 User manual 2024-03-19 13 MB Download
MST-204 Installation instructions 2024-03-19 408 KB Download
MST-204 Software v1.0.0 (Extract before install) 2024-03-22 16 MB Download

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