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Full Procurement Service

We offer a full procurement service, including the purchase of your electronic components, like sensors, cables and connectors, assemblies, circuit boards, control panels and other electronic parts, along with complete management and handling of your stock to ultimately fulfill your needs. Our procurement channels ensure the long-term availability of necessary components, based on annual requirements, target projects or even as a last-time purchase.

Aiming to enable low-cost manufacturing, we are committed to purchasing components at the lowest possible price. Our procurement service will check every relevant component and supplier option to obtain a well-elaborated BOM. With the support of our global supply partners and well-established, reputable distributors, including our offshore partnerships, we can purchase your parts to help reduce costs.

Together with you, we determine which norms are important for your product, such as long-term availability, price, service life, temperature range, second source, air pressure, height, accuracy, etc., all to ensure an optimal price-performance ratio.

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