Test Instruments of

Battery Solutions

We develop and produce test instruments that perform all required safety tests on various machines in accordance with the EN 60204-1 standard, switchgears in accordance with the EN 61439-1 standard, welding machines in accordance with the EN 60974-4 standard as well as on many other test objects like cables, cable extensions, PRCDs, transformers, etc.

Depending on client specific requirements or particular market demands we develop and implement complete hardware and software solutions with diverse measurements inside each instrument’s system.

Battery Analyzer

Automatically stores set parameters and measured results! Built-in printer (version with printer) for printing stored results and parameters!


Instrument Better

Battery Tester

Suitable for quick testing of 12 V car batteries, capacity 30 up to 200 Ah. with a load current of 100, 200 or 300 A.



FILI Series (11-20-30-40)

We offer wide range of battery chargers and maintainers for different kind of use. These are FILI 11, FILI 20, FILI 30 and FILI40.


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